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What is ReXxel Dimension

ReXxel Dimension

Remember the Perfection You are

Simple is beautiful, just shift the paradigm brought through religion and spirituality (mainly eastern philosophie), You are Perfection, you just forgot it.
The ReXxel spiritual path is all about that, helping you to remember. Believe me it is much more efficient, faster, fun, than looking for a path struggling, cleansing the past, to reach an hypothetical nirvana

Shift and raise your energy field in a new way

Short, intense, safe and powerful of 2 minutes videos


An activation is a short, safe, fun energetic shifter to awaken your sleeping inner quantum abilities, remembering the Perfection you are and always have been.

Activations facilitate letting go of previous old beliefs, schemas and old paradigms.

Activations allow you to safely enter the present moment, to embrace yourself in your Original being and create a beautiful future in this moment.

The Book of Knowledge

Soon a complete first book about new knowledge explaining all discoveries that Foudyl has done through and with the ReXxel Dimension

  • New  body Energetic Structure 
  • New healing protocols
  • New codes 
  • New patterns
  • New path to awareness
  • New way to connect the quantum field 
  • New maths magic involved in the fractal field, prime numbers
  • Unique Modelisation of the DNA of the matter
  • Unique modelisation of the Penrose’s tile pattern involved in gravity research

About Foudyl

Foudyl is a multicreative professional of digital art and high consciousness explorer.
As a result of multidimensionality coherence, Foudyl is a quantum field explorer, picking up back all the useful light downloads to express them in the matter through mesmerizing particular and original videos.

Film director, designer, compositer, musician, painter, photograph, programmer, Object and jewelry designer and producer, 3D and fractal art designer, special effects,…

Foudyl get his inspiration and influence from quantum physics, nutrition, yoga, reiki shamballa, history of art and civilisations, 


From personal development to spirituality

You have done a beautiful work on the personal development field, understanding the main schemas of fear, jealousy, anger, …

You life is still no so coherent, some struggle here and there.

From spirituality to multidimensionality

You have done a lot of women circles, and squared talks, triangulation of  love, womb healing.
You have experimented the path of hoponono, forgiveness, Archangels, Elementals, and the consciousness of time, realities, subtles worlds.

Transgenerational works and a lot of meditations.

From devotion to freedom

You are so amazed by this charimastic speaker or coach on the web, thanks to the talent and vibe.

It is also a time to let this devotion and going to your devotion of Yourself as a path to Self-mastering.

Everything is Perfection

ReXxel Dimension is a philosophy of multidimensional life
Connecting to Yourself, having the ability to create Safe Energetic spaces of love, manifesting

“You are Perfection, you just forgot, ReXxel is here to facilitate to remember who you are as Perfection"