ReXxel-Beauty [intense]


Full movie of the ReXxel Beauty in 24 mn with intensity.
Best experience for therapist, awaken people, high vibe people 

the highest you vibe the more you receive

Mesmerizing unseen sequences with a surprising vibrational soundtrack that will bring you to other universes from the first minute.

A wondrous path of visual stimulation facilitates the excitement of the neuroplasticity of the brain, hence the capability to think better, to memorize better, to quantum manifest better and on top of that connecting with the Beauty frequency.

Open yourself to the next step of consciousness.

Discover new universes, new colors, new landscapes, new laws of physics, with one-hour movie digital fractal animation.

ReXxel is a future-oriented and multidimensional film with new and innovative practices or vision fitting to your personal expansion of consciousness.

All credits: Foudyl


Full movie of the ReXxel Beauty in 24 mn with intensity


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