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Moira Buldini

Awakening Coach for Coach

As Sacred Geometry Expert, i recognized instantly the vibrational energy of the New codes, new pattern, new consciousness through multidimensionality. ReXxel Dimension is providing beautifully the New frequencies thus allowing me an expansion to my own energetic field

Barbara Keenan Loster

Healer Acupuncture

My life's journey has taken me to this point in time to create, reconnect and expand through ReXxel video activations. The activations have brought clarity and allow old paradigms to fall apart. I am aligned within my Original being of Perfection


Energetic activator

After watching the 1st 6 REXXEL activation videos, I am in a much calmer space with general life chaos and with my perspective on the people around me. People that used to annoy me I now have compassion for. Also the I've noticed that in my medium sessions with clients, I am much more in tune and able to access more for them than I could before. I also have a clearer perspective about my life purpose and how to fulfill it unapologetically without allowing distractions to hinder my journey. Rexxel has made a huge difference in the way I see, feel and perceive myself and the world I live in. I am less anxious about making changes in my life and can observe my emotions while feeling them. I am looking forward to the possibilities when I watch the next videos. Joy Lucinda


More to come ... and so enthousiastic

Stay Tune to read about the feedbacks and testimonials as a awesome time for sharing and learning

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